Sun. Oct 24th, 2021
Spencer Cox
"There is this false narrative going around, especially coming from Swallow's people, that there has to be something criminal for impeachment proceedings to begin," Cox said. "To suggest that we can only consider impeachment once the feds and the multitude of investigations are completed is absurd."
- Spencer Cox

A War on Romney's Conservative Utah Enemies?

John Swallow

Former Utah Attorney General John Swallow

John Swallow was A True Utah Conservative

  • While in the legislature, Swallow sponsored the then-largest tax cut in Utah's history and was named Taxpayer Advocate of the Year by the Utah Taxpayers Association for sponsoring and passing legislation to reduce taxes in Utah.
  • In 2009, Swallow was appointed as the Chief Deputy Attorney General of Utah for civil cases. A major focus was the state lawsuit to overturn U.S. President Obama's healthcare law.
  • Swallow also sued Barack Obama and Interior Secretary Ken Salazar to unlock federal land within Utah for oil and gas exploration, and to help fund education for Utah children.
  • Swallow announced his candidacy for Attorney General in January 2012. During his race, he was endorsed by his predecessor, Attorney General Mark Shurtleff and U.S. Senator Mike Lee. Swallow was also endorsed in his candidacy by the NRA and received an "A+" rating from the 2nd Amendment organization, because of "his dedication to gun owners," and "his defense of the second amendment."[ Swallow was elected and sworn on January 7, 2013.

Which is Why He Received NO Support from George Bush's Republican Party when he ran against Democrat Jim Matheson in 2002. The new District Favored Republican Candidates.

His Wars against the Obama/Clinton Administration put him on the Utah Liberal Republican Hit List

  • Jeremy Johnson, who would allegedly say whatever he was told to say to secure his own freedom, made the ridiculous claim that John Swallow had been a part of an effort trying to bribe Democratic Senator Harry Reid in exchange for shutting down a pending FTC investigation into Johnson's company. 
  • When it became clear that Johnson's claims were falling apart, another accuser came forward. This time it was Marc Sessions Jenson, a convicted fraudster allegedly put in prison by John Swallow for not paying back restitution of over $4 million dollars to his victims. Jensen claimed he had given a few minor gratuities to Swallow.
  • In the call, Jenson's wife says she "feels bad for John Swallow," who at the time was beginning what would be an abbreviated term as attorney general amid a hail of allegations against him. Jenson's response was, "Karma sucks, doesn't it?" and predicting that someday people would hear his account and think, "That poor guy." When the call —   turns back to Swallow, Jenson tells his wife: "(Swallow) and his boss put us through hell."

John Swallow was Vindicated and Compensated After His Resignation

  • In September 2013, the United States Department of Justice notified John Swallow's lawyer that they would not be filing charges in their investigation.[
  • On March 2, 2017, Swallow was acquitted of all charges.
  • In September, 2019, the Salt Lake Tribune reported that “in a series of nearly unanimous votes, Utah lawmakers concluded the years long corruption scandal surrounding John Swallow by approving a $1.5 million settlement reimbursing the former attorney general for his legal fees.”

More Proof it was a Liberal Republican Hit Job

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The George Soros Alligned Group, Alliance for a Better Utah is the Extreme Socialist Group that takes credit for Bringing About the Downfall of John Swallow


But it was Mitt Romney's Deseret News That Ran Point on The Public Smear


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