Mon. Jan 24th, 2022
Paul A Drockton M.A.

Resident Financial Guru Paul A Drockton M.A. Gives Insight into the Future of Utah Real Estate

By Paul A Drockton M.A.

In 2007 I was running a multi-million dollar Mortgage Loan Company and Real-Estate Investment Portfolio. In fact, I put together the I-15 Storage Unit Project at the Spanish Fork Exit. My partners were NFL Players, Contractors and Developers. Our Portfolio was valued at $35 million dollars, with projects in Salt Lake, Vernal, Utah County etc.

As a Mortgage Lender and Seasoned Financial Advisor, I made sure that the Borrowers would be able to make their payments well into the future before I would agree to financing their loan. As a result, when the storm hit, and foreclosures mounted, my clients were able to weather the storm.

When I saw the storm clouds begin to gather I called my clients that were holding Investment Properties and told them to sell everything but their Primary Dwelling. Then I instructed them to buy Precious Metals to continue growing their Asset Base. Some Listened and some didn't. In fact, I sold my own Primary Residence at Market Peak and moved into Rent with my family.

After the Sale Closed, Property Values first stagnated, and then went backwards.  Of Course Precious Metals Went the Other Way.

Homes Lost 55% of Their Values
As You Can See, Homes in Many Areas Lost Up to 55% of Their Market Value. I sold my home in Summer of 2007, at Market Peak. Then I invested the Capital Gains into Gold and Silver.
Silver Prices Exploded!
Silver Prices Went From $10 all the Way Up to Almost $50! Thats a 5000% Return while Real Estate was Imploding.
If You Had Sold Your House At Market Peak Like I Did , and Invested in Silver, You would have turned $100,000 in Equity into $500,000 in Silver. (Using Above Illustration). Then, you could have bought another home at market bottom in 2013 for Cash. What is it about Buy Low and Sell High that people can't understand?
- Paul A Drockton M.A.

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