Mon. Jan 24th, 2022
Thomas Wright with Gary Herbert and Mitt Romney

Who IS Thomas Wright?

  • Father was a Lawyer and Utah Politician
  • Wright graduated from the University of Utah on a golf scholarship
  • Bachelor of Arts in Russian and Marketing
  • Broker for Sotheby’s International Realty. A luxury real estate brand founded in 1976 by the Sotheby's Auction House. Sotheby's International Realty operates as a franchise focusing on brokering and marketing of residential luxury real estate.m
  • Lives in Park City, Utah
  • Thomas Wright served as state GOP chair from 2011 to 2013
  • Republican National Committee 2017
  • Appointed By Governor Gary Herbert to Oversee Utah Higher Education on Board of Regents

Thomas Wright Held Responsible for Count My Vote?

Thomas Wright followed in his fathers footsteps to pursue a Career in Utah Politics Many Republican Conservatives blame Thomas Wright for the Count My Vote, Rommunist overthrow of the Conservative Republican Caucuses. And the mishandled lawsuit that followed, literally destroying the Financial stability of the Utah Republican Party. This is why he lost the Party's nomination to Greg Hughes for Utah Governor at the Utah Republican Convention.

Wright was Rewarded by Rommunists Gary Herbert and Spencer Cox

The USHE Board of Regents is the governing body for the Utah System of Higher Education. The Utah Legislature grants it the power to control, manage, and supervise USHE. The Board’s major responsibilities include selecting and evaluating institutional presidents, setting policy, reviewing programs and degrees, approving institutional missions, and submitting a unified higher education budget request to the Governor and State Legislature.
Both Mitt Romney and Gary Herbert both owe their Term in Office to "Count My Vote". Both failed to win their Party's Nomination and, like Wright, allegedly paid the estimated $250,000 to gather signatures for the new Open Utah Primaries where anyone can vote for the Republican Nominee. An Open Primary destroys the influence of Grass Roots Republican Candidates and transfers the power to the Big Money Interests corrupting the Utah Political System. As a reward for his loyalty to Herbert, Wright was appointed to help oversee the estimated 4.5 billion dollar Higher Education Budget. The Higher Education Budget accounts for 25% of the Entire State Budget.

Oversees $4.5 Billion Dollars 

In politics, your influence is as big as the budget you oversee. With 25% of the Utah Budget under the Board of Regents command, Thomas Wright is one of the most influential men in Utah. All thanks to his good buddies Mitt Romney and Gary Herbert. Public Budgets involve lucrative Contracts and Generous Campaign Donations. All part of the Rommunist Political Machine.  Hard to believe that Wright, Romney, Herbert and Cox don't all play for the same team. Wright is still on the Board of Regents.

Thomas Wright is in the Governor Race to Split Utah Conservatives

Utah Policy is the Rommunist Minister of Propaganda. Lavarr Web was one of the biggest proponents of Count My Vote and is a long-time Rommunist from the Deseret News. It was Utah Policy that leaked the ridiculous story that Herbert asked Wright to withdraw from the Utah Governors Race. The goal is to misdirect people from the obvious truth that Romney and Herbert both recruited Wright to gather signatures and steal votes from Greg Hughes. This paper reported Hughes was dominating in the Social Media Polls. He is the clear threat to Rommunist Loyalists scrambling to save their own version of the USSR.
One thought on “Thomas Wright is a Rommunist Vote Splitter.”
  1. Greg Hughes is the only way to get representation for all Utah citizens and wrest the power of government from the elitists and back to where it belongs.

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