Mon. Jan 24th, 2022

Thomas Wright Can Stop Wasteful Spending Right Now

When Governor Herbert Rewarded Thomas Wright for Gutting the Utah Republican Caucus System, he gave him Control over 25% of Utah Tax dollars. Wright is Over the Budgets for Utah State Public Colleges and Universities. 

Utah Budget 2020: NOTE 27% is Federal Funds

Total Funds = 20.3 Billion

Compare Budgets for Colleges/Universities with Other Public Schools

Utah State Budget for Education 2021

Annual Utah Tax Dollars Spent per Student

Taxdollars Spent Per Utah Student

ADDITIONAL ANNUAL Utah Tuition Paid By Students and/or Parents

Additional Tuition

TOTAL ANNUAL COST For Utah Public Education

Total Annual Cost Per Student

In Other Words:

  • Utah University's Cost Taxpayers  $20,595 Per Year for Just Tuition!
  • Utah 2 Year Colleges Cost Taxpayers  $15,842 Per Year for Just Tuition!
  • Utah High Schools Only Cost Utah Taxpayers $8800 per student Annually

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