Mon. Jan 24th, 2022
US Supreme Court Justices

Covid Not an Excuse to Force Mail-In Voting on Utahns

The Supreme Court on Friday dealt a blow to Texas Democrats who had asked the justices to allow expanded access to mail-in voting ahead of the state's primary runoff next month. The justices let stand an appeals court ruling that halted a U.S. district judge's previous order allowing any voter who cites concerns about the pandemic to vote by mail.

Spencer Cox Also Used Covid Flu to Force Utahns to Vote By Mail

Ballot Message included with Utah Ballot

Supreme Court Ruling Opens the Door To Challenging Spencer Cox

While Absentee (Mail-in) Voting has been used in the past for Military Members on Active Duty and  Shut-Ins. It has never been used State-wide in Utah. Cox's premise that it was necessary because of a Flu that has killed only 155 Elderly with Poor Health was at heart of the ruling.

Spencer Cox Also has a Glaring Conflict of Interest in this Election.

As the Lt. Governor of Utah, Spencer Cox is also the Presiding Officer over all State Elections. Including his own run for Governor. This gives him opportunity to influence the results merely by his position and relationship with his Underlings Counting the Mail In Ballots. As the Following Utah Law Demonstrates...

Spencer Cox Should Have Resigned with Only 6 Months Left...

Its quite a Gamble to expect your opposition to not Challenge your Position as Chief Elections Officer when your name is on the Ballot, and you are over the Ballot Distribution, Vote Count, Printings and Mailings. This will be another Issue Challenged in Federal Court that could result in a Federal Judge Ordering a New Election AND an impartial Trustee to Preside Over the whole Affair. Cox, who is also over Ethics in Elections, has placed everything at risk just to stay in Office for 6 more months. Not too smart for a Lawyer.

Ballot Fraud Another Major Issue for Cox

It can already be shown that Thousands of Republican Ballots were sent out to Registered Democrats. Both the Cox and Huntsman Campaign are relying on Democrats voting for them in the Republican Primary. Based on the polling, they need these votes to win. Over 75% of Republicans voted for Trump in Utah.Cox and Huntsman both have along record as Pro-Obama, Pro-Clinton and Pro-Romney Supporters. In fact, Cox just got $75,000 from Hillary's Pet Political Action Committee.
Hillary to Cox

Spencer Cox has Shown He Can't Be Trusted


Which is Why We Endorse Greg Hughes for Governor


Vote for Greg Hughes. So We Can All Sleep Better at Night

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