Sun. Oct 24th, 2021
Conservative PAC Utah

Liberal Republicans Now Control Utah

Since the Destruction of the Utah Republican Conservatives and our Beloved Caucus System, Utah has been overtaken by Socialist Values and Influences. Mitt Romney was elected by the Open Primary that permits Democrats to Vote in Republican Primaries, thus increasing the Liberal Extremists influence over our elections. Greg Hughes, Utah's only Conservative in the recent Republican Primary, was defeated by the "Count My Vote" Open Primary and the Mail-in Ballot Fraud perpetuated Statewide under the guise of Public Health and Safety. The Utah Republican Party needs drastic and immediate reform.

The Result Has Been the Destruction of Utah's Middle Class

Through a Combination of exaggerated dangers of a virus that has scores of unidentified  victims and Draconian Unconstitutional Mandates, Communist Chinese Retail Outlets, like Walmart, Costco and Amazon have been able to plunder the Customer Base of Utah Small Businesses  

The Reported Covid Death Rate in Liberal States is Much Higher

Deaths dem vs repubublican
The symptoms of Covid are so vague that its impossible for health professional to know if the patient has Covid, a Bad Cold (Also a Corona Virus), the Flu or Seasonal Allergies. The testing of everyone in Utah has only inflated the statistics. Since, 99% of the people will never experience any symptoms and test results are questionable in the best conditions.

Utah is Experiencing a Communist Revolution

Provo Protest Shooting
Thanks to Oligarchs like Mitt Romney, Jon Huntsman and a host of other Utah Chinese Communist Allies, Utah is being destroyed along with our values. Politicians invite and permit Violent Riots in our Streets. Police are ordered to not interfere with these Communist pawns as they continue their work of destruction. Our media idolizes Psychopaths while Demonizing our Morals and Beliefs.  Real Unemployment rages past 20% while Government Checks temporarily appease our Citizens. All of our Industries and Natural Resources have been shut down to favor Foreign Imports. The Utah Trade Deficit is big enough to employ 72,000 Utahns at a comfortable salary of $72,000 per year. If only we could bring back those jobs Romney, Huntsman and Herbert/Cox gave away to China and Mexico.

All Politics Are Local

In the Words of Tip O'Neal, "All Politics Are Local". Donating to State Parties that do the bidding of Global Lobbyists is not the solution. We need to keep Utah Political Donations right here in Utah if we are to bring about real change. Concentrated Utah Resources from Conservative Utahns is the only real threat to those seeking to enslave us and impoverish our families.

Which is Why We Support the Utah Conservative P.A.C.

The Utah Conservative P.A.C. is a result of the I-15  Billboard Campaigns that Promoted Liberty and a Return to Prosperity for all of Utah, not just a handful of Utah Oligarchs that grow rich at the expense of the rest of us. Unlike Special Interests that seek profit over Patriotism, the Leaders of the PAC are Volunteer. No one collects a salary from your donations. This means 100% of the funds collected will go towards fighting your battles against a Morally Corrupt Establishment. Learn More at the Link Below:
Utah Conservative PAC

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