Mon. Jan 24th, 2022

93 TOTAL Utah Covid Deaths Through 5-23-2020

Stats Utah 5-23

The Average Age of a Utah Covid Death is 73.9 Years Old

Utah MOrtality

Almost 90% of Covid Deaths had Serious Health Problems Already

Pre-existing Conditions

Half of Utah Covid Deaths Happened to Nursing Home Residents

Nursing Home Deaths

Before Covid: 65% died within 1 year of nursing home admission. 53% died within 6 months of nursing home admission

What the Numbers Tell Us

  • 46.5 of the 93 Total Utah Covid Deaths Were Already Ill enough to be admitted to a Full-Care Facility
  • The Median Age at 73.9 Years Old shows that Utah Mortality for Covid Highly Favors the Aged
  • Almost 90% of Covid Fatalities Already Had a Serious Health Problem or Problems

What the Utah Media Tell Us:


Mitt Romney's Utah Mouthpiece

sex and covid

So Breathing isn't a Part of Sex?

all of us

Its Utah Versus Mitt Romney & Spencer Cox

Cases Rise

Mitt Romney and Spencer Cox Need a Reason for Mail-in Voting

Cases Rise

Maybe Its Because We Don't Live in Nursing Homes?

Upended election

Mail in Ballots Benefit Those That Count Them


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