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Hillary Clinton and Jon Huntsman

Jon Huntsman Has Played a Major Role in Destroying US Dominance

Jon HUntsman with HW Bush

Huntsman with HW Bush

Under President George H. W. Bush, Huntsman was deputy assistant secretary in the International Trade Administration from 1989 to 1990.  He subsequently served as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Commerce for East Asian and Pacific Affairs, serving from 1990 to 1991.  In June 1992, Bush appointed Huntsman to become U.S. ambassador to Singapore,
On March 28, 2001, GW Bush appointed Huntsman to be one of two Deputy United States trade representatives in his administration. He Served Until 2003
Huntsman and GW Bush

Huntsman was Part of the Problem. Not the Solution

Balance of Trade 40 Years

US Trade Deficits Exploded

Trade Domination is the Key to Global Domination

The British Empire dominated the world by maintaining the balance of Trade with their Colonies in their favor. Under Mercantilism, the Colonies existed to Import their goods from the British Empire. Gold was meant to flow in, not out of Great Britain. With the removal of Tariffs, like the Corn Laws, The Empire began to go into decline.

Tariffs Act as Barriers to Revenue Outflows

A Tariff is a Tax on Imports from Foreign Governments when they enter a Country. Since NAFTA, GATT and other Removals of Import Taxes, US Industry has declined and so has our International Status. This is a Direct result of lost revenue and has exploded the Federal Government's Deficits.

American Business Oversea Operations Benefit at Our Expense

When the Tariffs disappeared, so did American jobs and Government Tax Revenue. The Automobile Industry, which was once our Greatest Export and Industry, now operates in Mexico, China and Canada, with no cost to the Company for selling their cheaply manufactured goods on American Soil.

Americans Do Not Benefit From so-called Free Trade

American Corporate Profits have increased exponentially from using cheap Mexican and Chinese Labor. Consumer Prices have continued to increase, while jobs and wages continue to decrease. The only beneficiaries are the Major Stockholders and Senior Management, whose incomes have also exploded exponentially. All Americans have left are Credit Card debt, and low paying jobs. 

Trump is Right About Tariffs. Greg Hughes Will Work with Him to Increase Utah Exports and Bring Back Utah Prosperity.

Donald Trump and Greg Hughes

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