Mon. Jan 24th, 2022
Utah Pioneers

Driving around Utah is simply not the same as it was in March. Despite our local officials telling us that we should all be thrilled not to be dead, many of our businesses are dying. One business in Salt Lake City has posted signs outside of their building that tell us exactly how they feel as their business is closing forever:"We give up!" "Thank you for 40 years of business."And, "COVID kills businesses too." 

Covid Kills Businesses Too

Deseret News & KSL Fail to Talk About Businesses Ruined By Cox Lockdown

The sad truth about Utah's current condition is that many of our businesses will never open again. People have lost everything that they worked for. Governor Herbert and Lt. Governor Cox tell us that we should be content with what we have: 15-20%  Real unemployment. Apparently that's a good number. We should all be happy that we are not dead despite the fact that our working class is not working and is either struggling to survive or is depending on Federal or local aid. 

Great Depression

Great Depression Unemploymnet NOT Masked by Government Checks

Was this avoidable? Is this how Utah does things now? Our state motto is/was "Industry." Our state was known for it's ability to persevere and to be self sufficient. Early settlers in Utah made almost everything themselves. For example, when cotton was not available for clothing due to the Civil War and the loss of supply chains, settlers went to Southern Utah to plant cotton in a dry and mostly barren portion of the state. The people of Utah did whatever it took to thrive. 

Utah Pioneers

Now our state does what they are told to do. When non-elected health officials in Washington D.C. over 2000 miles away tells our leaders to shut down the state, the dutifully listen. Utah was founded by several people, but many of them fled to Utah to avoid being told how to live their lives by government officials. Utah always did things differently and we were proud to do so. 

  Today we are different. We are told by Governor Herbert and Lt. Governor Cox that we will follow "Recovery Phases." Our phones were turned into tracking devices at the order of Spencer Cox and we were questioned about why we were entering or leaving the state. People were shamed into closing their businesses and Cox told you whether you were essential or not essential. Patients were unable to get medical attention based on whether or not their surgeries were "essential."    People in Utah died because they were unable to get medical attention or get needed surgeries due to the restrictions that were placed. Utahns kissed the Constitution away as Amendments were trampled on. No one was allowed to go to church. Assembly was unlawful (unless you were rioting on May 30th." Utah was told what to do and sadly people followed the directions that were given to them. 

Mormon Leaders Imprisoned by Federal Govt. For Religious Beliefs

Is this the same Utah? Are we Conservatives? Or are we going to blindly follow our leaders into changing our state into a Democrat catastrophe like New York, California, and Illinois. According to Governor Herbert, we are doing much better than these states. When did we start comparing ourselves to failed states? 

  Utah is in need of new leadership and a return to our rugged mentality of self-sufficiency. Our motto of "Industry" has gone away due to the direction of lesser men. Perhaps we should consider the motto of South Dakota: "Under God, the People Rule." Have we the people given up on ruling ourselves? The answer should be an emphatic no! Utah was settled by pioneers and we should reclaim our mentality of ruling ourselves and determining our own destinies. We should not have allowed our businesses to fail and we should not be told how to live our lives.   

As Thomas S Monson, a recent LDS leader once said,

  "There is a very present need for that pioneer spirit to guide us away from the dangers that threaten to engulf us."  Our present dangers are our current leaders. They should resign, but the won't. It is our job and duty to maintain our state as a beacon of hope to the nation. We can do this by choosing new leadership. We dug our own hole by electing Herbert, Cox, Romney, Huntsman, and others who claim to be Conservatives and led our state astray. 

Utah, it's time to dig ourselves out.