Sun. Oct 24th, 2021
Rule #1: Correct Your Mistakes

Nothing says Arrogance like the "I don't need you" attitude of the Utah Ruling Class....

Greg Hughes

Realizing "Count My Vote" was a Big Mistake, Greg appeared before the Republican Convention and Vowed to Overturn It.

He is the Only Candidate that did not gather signatures to get on the Ballot.

Hughes was rewarded with an Endorsement

Spencer Cox

Spencer Cox showed his arrogance by gathering signatures instead of Trusting the Rank and File Republicans in his Party.

Curious, because many of the Delegates work for him and Herbert. Trusting Big Money over the People is always a fatal mistake in Utah Politics.

Jon Huntsman

Sadly, Jon learned nothing from his father when it comes to humility. He and Mitt Romney were the Financial Forces behind "Count My Vote".

Considered to be an Extreme Liberal in Utah, he lost at Convention and Paid to be on the Republican Ballot.

He is one of those that will never learn.Even now he is begging for Democrats to Cross Over and Vote for Him in the Republican Primary.

Covid 19 Lockdown
90 Total Deaths to Date. 60% in Nursing Homes. 90% with Serious Health Issues. There were 363 Utah Flu Deaths in 2017.
Greg Hughes

Greg has consistently lobbied to Open Utah. Even now he is on the Campaign Trail. Holding Open Rallies. In-spite of the Fear Campaign Destroying Utah

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Spencer Cox

As Head of the Covid Task Force Cox is the Power Behind the Utah Lockdown. Unable to admit his mistakes, he continues to destroy the Utah Constitution and Its Economy.

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Jon Huntsman

Huntsman's Solution to the Covid Disaster is to get more money from the Federal Government. Which gives the Federal Government more Control Over Utah.

Tax and Spend Liberal.

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