Mon. Jan 24th, 2022

When you have Four Listings in a Convicted Pedophile's Book          That is News.

Jon Huntsman and Mary Kaye Huntsman

Why were Both Jon and Mary Kay Huntsman Listed?

Jeffrey Epstein was a spy. Allegedly working for Mossad and the CIA. His primary pursuit was the gathering of intelligence. Using documented sexual encounters between his targets and children were a way to gather the information. To Epstein, it was merely a business transaction. He supplied the perverts with forbidden lusts. In return he was able to use a combination of underage prostitution and bribery to gather important intelligence.
Virginia Roberts and at least a dozen of Epstein's other victims refused to accept the terms agreed to by the US government, and hired attorneys to seek additional damages. One of the more intriguing allegations made by Roberts in an affidavit last year is that Epstein "trafficked me for sexual purposes to many other powerful men, including politicians and powerful business executives." She says that Epstein made her tell him about the sexual encounters she had with these men. The reason, in her estimation, was "so that he could potentially blackmail them."
- Vice

There Were TWO Sides to Epstein's Transactions.

Knowledge is Power. For Epstein, knowledge was also a key to building his wealth. He could make money by selling secrets to Global Intelligence Agencies, Corporations, Private Businessmen and Investors etc. Of course the same information could be sold to multiple buyers. This could explain why Jon Huntsman and his wife were both listed in Epstein's Black Book. Were they buying Top-Secret information from Jeffrey Epstein? 

Jon and Mary Kaye Huntsman Are Not on the Flight Logs

flight logs

So Were They Buyers of Epstein's Blackmailed Intelligence?

Jon Huntsman was positioned perfectly to deal in the buying and selling of Epsteins gathered Intelligence. First, as the Ambassador to Russia. Most Importantly, as the Ambassador to Communist China he could play a very pivotal role in profiting from helping them upgrade their military and infrastructure. One thing we know, it was people like Huntsman and Romney that created the Chinese Communist Empire by selling out American Interests through irresponsible trade deals and opposition to Tariffs on Chinese Imports. Even today, Utah has a massive Trade Deficit with Communist China thanks to both Huntsman and Romney. The idea that they assisted Communist China in other ways, for personal profit, merits more than an investigation.
The initial follow-up of the child molesters found that 42% were reconvicted of a sexual or violent crime during the 15-30 year follow-up period. Ten percent of the total sample of child molesters were first convicted for a sexual/violent crime between 10 and 31 years after release. Not all child molesters recidivated at the same rate. The highest rate of recidivism (77%) was for those with previous sexual offenses, who selected extrafamilial boy victims, and who were never married. In contrast, the long-term recidivism rate for the low risk offenders was less than 20%.

The Only Solution for Pedophiles is the Death Penalty. That and Forcing them to Pay for their own Federal Appeals instead of Taxpayers

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