Sun. Nov 28th, 2021
United States 10th District Court

Rain International Suite is now this Orem Business Complex After They Shut Down Their Previous USA Headquarters.
Innovative Flexpak was the Manufacturer of Rain International Products.

Federal Whistleblower Claims Rain International and Its Manufacturer Were Used for Racketeering.

In the Federal RICO Lawsuit (2:20-cv-00662-DB-JCB Drockton v. Rain International et al), The Whistleblower is Claiming that both Rain International and Innovative Flexpak were involved in criminal Activities that violated the Federal Racketeering in Corrupt Organizations Act.

It All Started With This Document

Rain Soul Assay

According to the Plaintiff, he was suffered Criminal Retaliation through the two named Enterprises for sending the above Certified Product Lab Test to the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) and the FDA (Federal Drug Administration. The Certified Lab Results show that the Product Manufactured and sold by the two enterprises has minimal to none of the ingredients listed on the Label.

Summit Labs is one of the Premier and Most Trusted Labs for Testing Product Label Claims in Utah
As the Lab Tests Show, the Product tested had no to a minimal amount of Active Ingredients Claimed by Manufacturer and Rain International.


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