Mon. Jan 24th, 2022
Utah Policy

Utah Policy Ignores Republican Primary Voters in New Poll

Biased Polls

Disclaimer Shows They Polled General Election Voters.

Biased Polls 2
Pretending Your Poll Results show your Candidates winning is the oldest political trick in Utah. You just need to ask the right people the right questions. Utah Policy just doing what it has always done. Trying to Push People in the Direction Lavarr Web and his Extreme Left Wing Republicans want them to go.
- Utah Voice Polling Expert

What Lavarr Webb and Utah Policy Don't Want You To Know.

They are asking Registered Democrats and Other Socialists who they are voting for in a Republican Primary. Jon Huntsman and Spencer Cox both know that they have lost the Utah Republican Vote because of their Socialist Agenda and Big Government Policies. Utah is still a Conservative State.
Hillary to Cox
Spencer Cox is a Socialist Republican
Cox is Raising Money Through Hillary Clinton and Obama's Extreme Liberal Connections. Republicans Don't Want Him as Their Governor. This is why Cox AND Huntsman are both Recruiting Democrats to switch Parties in this  Primary

Spencer Cox is a Never-Trumper Socialist Republican

Loud Critic
Condemns Trump
no Trump

And Jon Huntsman is Another Socialist Republican That Betrayed Donald Trump


Jon Huntsman with Fellow Communists

Huntsman wanted Pence. Not Trump

Jon Huntsman Tried to Remove Trump From Ballot

Trump Large

Thomas Wright is a Republican Socialist Insider That is Trying to Split Utah Conservatives for Mitt Romney's Rattlesnakes. Just Like McMullin did to Trump

Evan McMullin

ONLY 1 Candidate Stands for Utah Conservatives

Comment on Riots
Donald Trump and Greg Hughes

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