Mon. Jan 24th, 2022
Utah Policy

Like the Wolf in Sheep's Clothing, Utah Policy is Only Conservative at Election Time.

The new theme, Stay Safe to Stay Open, speaks to both sides of the economic relationship. In order for our economy to reactivate and recover, both businesses and consumers must work together through safe practices. Staying safe and protecting the high-risk is something we can control. Businesses need to screen their employees every day and ensure that they have the proper personal protective equipment to serve their customers. The state innovatively created the “Healthy Together” app that keeps track of symptoms and sends prompts that encourage you to do a self check-up. For small businesses consistent usage of the app could be part of your safe to work protocols. Employees and consumers should wear masks while engaged with one another or keep physical distance to maintain a safe environment. Retail and restaurants should post signs of store policy regarding masks to ensure high standards are publicly known and kept. For example, Smith’s created a culture of safety by allowing shopping hours for Seniors, requiring associates to wear masks and limiting store capacity.
The above "Guest Editorial" could have been written by Spencer Cox himself. It ignores the facts about the virus in Utah. Which appear below.
Utah Covid Stats
Romney condemns Trump's firing of government watchdogs, calling it a 'threat to democracy'
Analysis: Unaffiliated voters registering as Republicans could give Jon Huntsman a big advantage in the GOP primary for governor.
Poll: Only Far-Right Utahns Oppose 'Count My Vote... (Count My Vote Got Mitt Romney Elected and Gary Herbert through "Open" Republican Primaries)
Voting the Right Way

Lavarr Webb- Just Another Utah Liberal Extremist

Lavarr Webb
(Lavarr) Webb: Hatch’s clout, institutional knowledge and remarkable ability to get legislation passed will absolutely be missed. Hatch’s small-minded and cloistered critics in Utah have underestimated the power he has on the national stage and how much good he has done. His service has been extraordinary. No one works harder or is more focused.
I’m predicting that Romney will get along better with Trump than many people expect. They will agree on many policy issues. Romney understands that you don’t solve the nation’s problems by being a marginalized bomb-thrower.
We believe Utahns’ respect for state and local institutions will be enhanced by the end of the pandemic.. (A Deseret News/ Hinckley Institute poll reveals that 81% of Utahns approve of the state government response to the pandemic. )

Lavarr Webb Is Just Another Extension of Mitt Romney and the Deseret News. He was the Editor of the Deseret News and Worked as Policy Advisor to Former Gov. Leavitt. 

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