Sun. Oct 24th, 2021
Utah House Majority Leader Francis Gibson

From Francis Gibson:

I want to take a moment to fully endorse Greg Hughes as the Republican nominee for Governor of the state of Utah.
- Francis Gibson
"I have worked with Greg in the Utah State Legislature for many years while he served as Speaker of the House. I have seen this man do several things: one, stand up for those who do not have a voice and cannot represent themselves. The homeless issue in Salt Lake City comes to mind for me. This problem was attacked and successfully addressed by Greg as he set up his office for six months across the street from the shelter. He worked with the highway patrol as arrests were made on the lawless drug dealers and criminals who were preying on the mentally ill and others in the shelter seeking true assistance. He helped clean up the area for local business to see customers again while getting the truly needy the help they needed.  
Second, he successfully battled, refuted, and stopped Medicaid expansion in this state when our current governor and lieutenant governor advocated and lobbied for Obamacare in our state.  We can create a plan that is specific to our state without Washington DC creating it for us.  This was his belief and he was successful in accomplishing it.
Finally, he has supported parents in their right to choose which education path is best for their child while leading the budget process and providing $1.7B new dollars for education and NO NEW TAXES to do so.  All of these things and many more were done under his watch as Speaker.  

Utah Conservatives Are Tired of Socialist Republicans Destroying Their Party.

  • Romney, Cox, Huntsman and Wright Destroyed the Conservative Caucus System and Replaced It with an OPEN Republican Primary so their Fellow Socialists could vote for them.
  • Utah has joined the other Democrat States with their Bogus Covid Lockdown, Face Masking and Social Distancing to Force You to Vote by Mail Statewide. A system rife with Fraud.
  • Utah Socialists like Cox, Romney, Huntsman and Wright have sold out Utah Businesses to Communist China Importers Like Walmart, Costco and Amazon. Utah now has a $4 billion dollar ANNUAL Trade Deficit!

Thomas Wright is Another Romney Vote Splitter like McMullin

Thomas Wright with Gary Herbert and Mitt Romney

Wright with His Socialist Buddies and Mitt Romney

Evan McMullin

Wright is Another Romney Vote Splitter

Tell Thomas Wright to Drop Out and Get Out of Our Way!

Contact Thomas Wright!
Tell Wright to Stop!
He Can't Win. He is a Political Insider that works Directly for Cox and Herbert. Placed in the race to Keep Utah Trump Supporters Divided and Help Elect another Socialist Governor!

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