Mon. Jan 24th, 2022
Spencer Cox
Hillary to Cox

in Return for His Loyalty, Hillary Clinton's NEA Donated $75,000 to Cox's Governor Campaign

Over 77% of Republicans Now Demand Cox's Resignation

Resign Poll

Romney Media Tries to Blame Cox Underling for Alleged Voter Fraud

The Mitt Romney Controlled Utah Media is trying to blame a Cox Underling for Sending out Thousands of Republican Ballots to Democrat Voters in Utah. Spencer Cox shouldn't even be Presiding over his own election in the first place.  In a Clear Conflict of Interest and What appears to be potential Ballot Fraud, Spencer Cox has alienated himself from the very Republicans he needs in this election.

Spencer Cox Should Have Resigned When He Announced

Cox's Term as Lt. Governor ends this year anyway. As the State of Utah's Presiding Elections Official, Cox has no business being on the Ballot and Over the Vote Counting and Ballot Distribution. Now he has opened the door for a legitimate challenge in Federal Court over the results.

Other Potential Election Choices Only Further Cloud Cox's Credibility

  • Why is Cox Using 130 Utah Covid Deaths to force Voters to Mail in Their Ballots?
  • Why is Cox Over the Covid Task Force AND the Utah Election?
  • Why will it take 24 hours AFTER Receiving the Ballots to Report the Results?
  • Why is Greg Hughes and his Campaign Forbidden from having Campaign Staff at the Ballot Counting?
  • Why Won't Spencer Cox Do the Right Thing and Resign to avoid Endangering His Office?
What You Can Do
Time for action
If You Received a Democrat Ballot in the Mail, and You are a Registered Republican. or Vice a Versa, Report it to the FBI for Investigation under Voter Fraud and Public Corruption.
Report Ballot Fraud to the FBI

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