Mon. Jan 24th, 2022

Facebook is a Socialist Manipulator of Popular Opinion

Facebook has been waging war on Conservatives for quite some time. Anyone that is Anti-Clinton or Pro-Trump has felt their wrath. Also, anyone not OK with Communist Riots and the submission to Communist China. Pro-Life? Facebook will crush you. Pro-Family? Facebook will silence you. Against the promotion of sexual deviancy? Facebook doesn't want you. In fact, anyone that wants to know what is really going on in America won't find out by visiting Facebook.

Conservative Republicans Not Wanted

The Utah Voice got into trouble by promoting Utah's Only Trump Supporter in the Governor's Race, Greg Hughes. Apparently his opponents did not like being exposed as Republican Socialists by our Research and Writing Team. Mitt Romney, another of our favorite targets, also does not appreciate our hard work to keep Conservative Utah a Red State for Trump.

We Can't Tell You What to Do, But.....

If you want to really hurt the Communist Agenda, stop subscribing to their Propaganda Mouthpieces. Be done with those that pity criminals and hate law abiding citizens. Be done with the anti-police BS and their injustice at targeting those doing their jobs. Stop giving them your attention and watch how they start disappearing.

Facebook Wants Submission, NOT Discussion!

If you are afraid of speaking your mind than you are being censored and molded into fearing any opinion that contradicts the American Communist Agenda. You are being silenced by your own consent.

Join us on USA.Life and Help Restore Conservative Values.

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