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Utah R.I.N.O.

 Wright, Huntsman and Cox Destroyed the Utah Caucus System. Conservatives Only Protection Against R.I.N.O.s

Utah Republican Caucus
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Here in Utah. you will find many people who believe that Utah is an extremely conservative and/or Republican state. It might surprise some of the residents in Utah that other states refer to Utahns as "Conservative Lite" much like a beer is referred to as lite because it lacks content. This is because we are notorious throughout the nation as the state that elects RINO's: "Republicans in Name Only." 


Here are some examples of the people who Utah has elected in the past years who claim to be Republicans/Conservatives. 

Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney
Romney is the first senator in American history to ever vote to impeach a president of his own party (President Donald Trump). He has also been weak on abortion laws throughout his history in politics. Here is a quote from Romney in 1994 during his first run to become a senator given by ABC news reporting:  
"I believe that since Roe v. Wade has been the law for 20 years, we should sustain and support it. And I sustain and support that law and the right of a woman to make that choice," Romney said during the debate against his Democratic opponent Sen. Ted Kennedy.
- Mitt Romney
That same year, Romney and wife Ann attended a fundraiser for Planned Parenthood and donated to the group. Romney has flip flopped on this position among others so many times that he may be the first human flip flop to ever be elected into political office. After his quotes on abortion he lost his first senate race to Ted Kennedy in 1994. Romney later moved to Utah where he could win because of "Republicans" in Utah who don't know who he is. 

Utah Governor Gary Herbert

Thomas Wright with Gary Herbert and Mitt Romney

Gary Herbert and Fellow RINO Thomas Wright Celebrate Romney Victory.

Governor Gary Herbert would disappoint any other state as a Republican with his ever increasing taxes. In 2016 it was determined that Herbert raised taxes approximately 600 million dollars from 2011 to 2016. Much of his tax increases came  from Gasoline fuel taxes. Rather than finding a way to cut costs of State Government for Utahns, Herbert would rather just increase taxes.  In January 2011 the state tax rate was 6.85%. As of April 2020, it is set for 7.75%. We are .90% higher for taxes in Utah. Conservatives usually try to find ways to lower taxes in order to improve the economy to promote growth. Herbert does things the RINO way.   Herbert is spending his last year as governor here in Utah deferring to his right-hand man: Spencer Cox. Let's learn more about him and how he and Herbert have destroyed the rights of their constituents. 

Lt. Governor Spencer Cox

Spencer Cox is currently the most notorious RINO in Utah outside of the king RINO: Romney. Cox has currently spat on the 14th and 1st Amendments by forcing the following civil rights violations upon Utahns:

* Spencer Cox Violated Your Rights with his Random Application of Business Lockdowns.  * Your Business was shut down while Walmart and Costco remained open. This violates the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment. All Laws have to be uniformly enforced without favoritism.  * Spencer Cox Violated Your Rights by Shutting down Public Facilities that you pay for as a Taxpayer and Permitting some Public Events While Prohibiting Others. (Equal Protection). * Spencer Cox Violated Your Rights by Random Mask Enforcement. Rioters were exempt while you were not.  * Spencer Cox and Gary Herbert Violated Your Rights by permitting riots and looting without calling out the State National Guard to Protect Life, Liberty and Property. * Spencer Cox and Gary Herbert Conspired with Mayor Erin Mendenhall to permit Rioters Looting and Destruction of Property without any Law Enforcement Resistance.   * Spencer Cox Violated Your Voting Rights By Sending You a Democrat Ballot when you are a Republican.  * Spencer Cox Violated Your Voting Rights by Sending Out Republican Ballots to Democrats and Inviting Them to Vote in the Republican Primary. * Spencer Cox is Violating Your Voting Rights by Presiding over the Vote Count of an Election he is a Candidate in.  * Spencer Cox is Violating Your Voting Rights by NOT Permitting ALL Candidates to Monitor the Opening and Verification of Mail In Ballots. * Spencer Cox Violated Your Voting Rights by Not Sending You a Ballot after you Registered to Vote.(Taken from another fantastic article by This list is extreme, and it only hits the surface. Some of the donors for Cox to become governor would make your eyes bleed. Cox is another example of what happens when the people of Utah (Conservatives Lite) don’t pay attention.  

Jon Huntsman Jr.

Hillary Clinton and Jon Huntsman

Former Governor Huntsman has simply been in bed with the wrong people. He cannot be taken seriously as a Republican and/or a Conservative due to the following quotes compiled in an article by ABC News in 2011.

“Potential Republican presidential candidate Jon Huntsman wrote a letter to President Obama in August 2009 in which he called the president a ‘remarkable leader’ - with the word ‘remarkable’ underlined. 

Huntsman went on to say that ‘it has been a great honor getting to know you.”’Later in the article it states: “In conjunction with his last day as Utah governor, Huntsman also reportedly wrote a letter in 2009 to former President Bill Clinton thanking Mr. Clinton for a note he had sent. 

‘I have enormous regard for your experience, sense of history and brilliant analysis of world events,’ Huntsman wrote, according to the Caller. Huntsman also wrote that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton ‘has won the hearts and minds of the State Dept. bureaucracy -- no easy task.”

As previously stated, Jon Huntsman has made the wrong types of friends. He left Utah to serve Obama as an ambassador to China, and now he wants to be governor again in Utah. Likely to avoid paying taxes on the money his father made for him. 

These are but four examples of very prominent and high-ranking officials from Utah who represent our state. It is no wonder with these types of track records that Utah is referred to as the RINO state that is full of Lite Conservatives.  These men work together also. Romney and Herbert were seen at the Presidential State of the Union speech. Herbert and Romney stood dutifully with other Republicans during the speech. On the very next day Romney voted to impeach the President.  Huntsman groomed Herbert to be governor (Herbert was his Lt. Governor). Herbert is grooming Cox to be Governor. Each of these men are friends with Mitt Romney. Is it any wonder that this “Republican” state is not considered to be Republican by anyone else? It’s something to consider as we hopefully learn to educate ourselves about who we elect. Before it’s too late. 

Greg Hughes as Governor is the Only Known Cure for the Utah RINO-Virus

Donald Trump and Greg Hughes

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